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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

No Worries & Shy
Eugene Sumugat
A Person of Confidence
A man sees the Light
Seeing Differences

Why Outdoor Photography?

Outdoor photography means unlimited background options. You don’t have to worry about the background of your photos or scenes you want to shoot – there are a lot to choose from! You can go for the calm, blue waters of the beach or the green grasses and brown mountains. You can experiment using the beautiful blue sky as background.

Why Indoor Photography?

Indoor photography can be very complicated. Especially when it’s almost dark outside. To take sharp photographs, you’ll have to increase your ISO number. If you are shooting from your hand, you have to raise your ISO to 800 or 1000. Sometimes even higher, as you will notice from my camera settings below. Many of us don’t have studios. But you can create your own using things you see every day. Search vibrant objects that you could turn into subjects, foregrounds, or backgrounds.

Have a look at your surroundings. What do you usually take for granted? Could you use that item in a photograph?